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Captured Culprit

Posted by Anneng


The crime rates here in the Philippines are out of bound and most especially,burglary. I don’t know if you seem to notice that most people are being victims of these unstoppable deed.

Last January 11 of this year, a close friend of mine encountered such burglary incident. Of course, it was really scary, and I myself also experienced it and I know how terrifying it could be. There are those “what ifs”.

It was 3:00 am in the morning when she sent me a message on Facebook saying…

“bhe, inakyat kame ng magnanakaw. Dumaan sa bintana sa kuwarto ni Marie. Buti di kami sinaktan at cp lang nakuha nia. Nanginging ako gang ngayon”

Translation: (Bhe, someone broke into our house all the way through the window from my sister Marie’s room. I am just thankful that nobody gets hurt and he just took her cell phone. I’m still terrified right now).

I certainly understand how she felt because it was never easy to be in that situation.

Luckily, they found the culprit due to the help of her godfather’s brother. They managed to capture him and returned the phone to my friend’s sister. Unfortunately, it was all empty, program formatted, and the memory card was not there inside the phone too.

His name is LUCKY JOE PRING, 23 years old and was said to be a notorious burglar. He had been doing this for a living and it seems that he’s not even afraid of consequences.

I remember what my friend said..

“Nakakaawa lang dahil ang asawa nia ay manganganak na at pinakiusapan kami na ipablotter na lang sya pero once na makita sya sa area ko kahit wala syang ginagawang masama eh papadampot ko sya”

Translation: I felt pity on him because his wife was about to give birth, so he asked us to blotter him to the police instead of filing a case. However, he’s been restricted to our area and once I saw him, I will call the police right away.

I am not sure if what she did was right. But maybe she just felt sorry for the guy and be at least thankful at the same time that no one in her family was hurt.

I guess safety measures do have to be taken seriously. We always have to be aware of the consequences of our actions and might as well create an evaluation to that certain scenario.

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