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Long Distance Relationship

Posted by Anneng
Long Distance Relationship

A very predictable and painful part of being committed is the possibility to experience a “long distance relationship”. Distance is bold and it lets you feel things you’re not supposed to, which leads you to see things beyond perspective. It’s like seeing two perfect couple in a very imperfect situation. Hence, the question lies on “can you survive it” or “can your partner survive it”? It is somehow a really tough situation to handle.

In different aspects, being apart from each other actually creates a lot of interesting situations that can either help or damage the relationship. Placing the romantic relationship on an unexpected circumstance where you decide to take risks and consider being away from each other could or could not be healthy. Let’s talk about merely half of the issue regarding physical unavailability. All the advantages and disadvantage might occur if you decided to consider entering this situation and putting your relationship in a test. (this could create a lot of frustrations)

Being away from each other is actually bad for those people who don’t know how to compromise. It’s definitely not easy to be away or left behind by the one you love because it takes a lot of encouragement to make more effort. It needs time, wide patience and deeper understanding. It can possibly bring out doubt, fear and uncomfortable feeling if time and communication will not adhere. You can’t see how sincere sorry is. Simple regular disagreements about the topics and miscommunication can absolutely ruin and complicate things. And that is not healthy. Most relationships that are in this unpredictable situation never actually make it because partners (or at least one of them) fail to follow the commitment. Sacrificing almost everything turns out to be a huge mistake for the reason that things will never be certain.

Let’s picture the situation on the bright side. In some instances, being separated from each other does not count as a big deal. It actually does not matter. It’s definitely not about being near together, it’s about how both couples truly value and love each other. It is actually good for those people who tend to love unconditionally without expecting more effort from the other party. Faith, trust, affection and loyalty can obtain place to keep the relationship alive and working. The most usual feeling of being loved, whether you are far from each other, counts the most due to the reserved time and encouraging effort that both of you had to do which basically what makes sense. (Effort is OK, but the EXTRA effort is a must)

Moreover, both advantages and disadvantages are always up to the people involved in the relationship. It was never a failure in the distance because it’s actually the point of allowing the parameter to work things out. It always depends on the people that will look at the situation and consider a long distance relationship as a simple trial and not such a disturbing hindrance. As for they say “love doesn’t mean inseparable; it’s being separated but still nothing changes”.

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