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Red Hair Makes Your Skin Look Lighter

Posted by Anneng

A couple of days ago I have decided to color my hair. Apparently, I was really having a problem on what color would fit me because I'd rather stay on silky black hair due to my not so fair complexion.

The thing is.. I have never tried dying my hair. EVER! Just because it might not turn into those gorgeous looking hair I have always wanted. But heck!! There is no harm in trying, right? So that's where I have decided to turn down the table.

As I was under the long hours of treatment, I wasn't really sure about what could happen and what I might look like. So I just sit and wait there at the salon for.. I don't know... 3 to 4 hours maybe?

So after the procedure.. I was astonished of how my hair turned out. It was really good and I admit.. I loved it.

So I went home to see my friends and family and all of them are like... "nice hair" (flattered). Then they were like.. "you suddenly glow". As in, really?

So.. to check the effects of my red hair, I went to see some of my friends in high school and they said the same thing.. that I suddenly look fairer and whiter. I guess experimenting a bit won't seem to hurt at all as long as the chemicals used are safe. Then there's a seflie with my old phone before I lost it last week.

Gee... I love the new hair. :)

Red Hair Makes Your Skin Look Lighter

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wow looks great!! Red really suits you!! Great locks hahaha
Thanks :)

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